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RMH Hotels


RMH is the Italian hospitality brandmade in Modena that has contributed to shaping the modern hotel sector with its high standards of service.
Values and human relations are at the centre of our world and the way we welcome people. We promote innovative and diversified hotel products, and we also convey an awareness in relation to the theme of environmental sustainability.

Rosaria Marazzi Hotels is more than a brand, it’s a complex and harmonious system of people and professionalism, a universe where excellent service and the comfort of our guests are maintained by a strong work ethic, and our family tradition tells a story that is constantly renewing itself.


Our values

  • Offering unforgettable holidays to our valued guests by providingexcellent servicesand unique experiences based on our brand, Loyalty Club and operating standards.

  • Promoting diversified and innovative hospitality products with the new levels of the RMH brand.

  • Creating an RMH Team spiritthat represents the values and human relations that put people at the centre of all the company’s decisions

  • Expanding the range and presence of the brand in Europe and investing in new ideas to set up modern hotels in Italy or abroad.

  • Promoting responsible consumer policies by ssupporting environmental protection in a progressive way.

  • Doing all the above on the basis of sound ethics.



The environmental protection policy of Rosaria Marazzi Hotels is carried out through responsible consumption, avoiding waste. This is applied in every area and at every level (water and energy resources, and waste management in the group’s offices and hotels).

Furthermore, in order to reduce the impact of the hotels of the RMH chain on the environmental and marine ecosystem, we are committed to reducing and where possible eliminating the use of plastic, opting instead for biodegradable products, or reusable ones like glass, which have a lower environmental impact.


Objectives and innovation

The RMH brand aims for excellence every day. The luxury hotels, resorts and apartments of Rosaria Marazzi Hotels offer warm hospitality, scrupulous attention to service and the chance to have unique experiences.

We have deep roots, and the legacy of a family tradition. New ideas for change and a desire to invest in the sector to improve our performance help us to create a new way of experiencing hotels.

Our objective in the medium and long term is to seize any local or international business opportunities and develop them, either directly or with the support of stakeholders.


Three product levels

The “tiers” that guide the Rosaria Marazzi Hotels group and define the hospitality product of the brand can be summed up with three ideas:

  • Luxury & Nature
  • Design & Art
  • Life & Style

RMH Hotels

Team Experience

The RMH group is committed to creating a culture of work that promotes human relations and consolidates the values and ethos of the company, which puts people first.

We do this through:
  • Training programs for staff of various levels (low, medium high)
  • Individual and group recognition and incentive programs (employee of the month, employee of the department, best department)
  • An award scheme.

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