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In the Hotels & Resorts of the Rosaria Marazzi Hotels group, comfort and design are combined with top level services to make your stay unforgettable.
Ideal for business trips, holidays discovering the local area or total relaxation, RMH Hotels & Resorts in Italy and Croatia are designed down to the smallest details to guarantee an experience with no limits, during which you can treat yourself to the best.

The Rosaria Marazzi Hotels group is a mark of guarantee in the luxury hotel and hospitality sector. The hotel experience is centred around the traveller to guarantee them that sense of wellbeing that starts with a welcome and ends up with a carefully prepared room or a perfectly organized working environment…or even with a menu full of local flavours and the offer of additional services like spas and treatments…or entertainment and events that can transform any holiday into a wonderful experience.

The product concepts that the RMH brand is based on are Luxury & Nature, Design & Art, Life & Style, and these are the driving forces that inspire every hotel to differentiate its offer and fulfil the needs and desires of the people who choose RMH.


The RMH collection includes 4 star hotels and resorts with conference halls, restaurants and bars, and wellness centres.
In Italy we are located in the heart of Emilia Romagna. This is the ideal destination for people who want all the urban comforts and authentic Italian lifestyle, as well as the incomparable food and wine heritage of the local area.
In Croatia we are located on the wonderful island of Lopud in the Elafiti Archipelago, not far from Dubrovnik. Here, it’s the wonder of nature that steals the show.



Inside RMH Modena Des Arts Hotel & Business art and design come to together and intertwine to tell a new story each day.

At the RMH Modena Des Arts, just a short distance from the centre of Modena, the design of the architecture is an important distinguishing element.
The style of the rooms welcomes the guests in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The originality of the shapes and colours of the anthropomorphic columns make a striking impression at the entrance to the hotel. The surfaces with full lines and volumes give way to windows that fill the internal spaces with natural light and open up giving access to the terraces or the garden, creating a sense of openness and continuity with the external surroundings.
RMH Modena Des Arts is a living space where Design & Art are at home. Painting, sculptures and installations find their natural place, amplifying the functional nature of the design. This makes RMH Modena Des Arts a unique meeting point, a showcase for the art, live shows and artistic events that entertain the guests of the hotel. From the wellness area to the Fuori Menù restaurant, and not forgetting the meeting halls, RMH Modena Des Arts offers you the opportunity to try out the full range of services that make up the unmistakable RMH style.



The RMH Lopud Lafodia Resort & Wellness offers exclusive luxury in all its services. Wellbeing, natural surroundings and the sea are the key ingredients for an unforgettable holiday in Croatia.

RMH Lopud Lafodia is located on what is generally considered the most beautiful of the Elafiti islands, just nine miles from Dubrovnik, in Croatia. The hotel has 140 rooms, as well as the brand new Experience Suites, and is surrounded by clear blue sea and lush vegetation.
RMH Lopud Lafodia is a little paradise with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. There’s no city traffic and no stress as the hotel can only be reached via the sea. Lovers of wellness, fitness, relaxation and comfort can treat themselves to unique and exclusive experiences inside and outside the resort. The magic of Lopud and the regenerative properties of the sea are the energy that inspires the treatments in the Waterhill Spa. Our flotilla of boats, the beach with private gazebos and the restaurant have been created to satisfy your every need and make your holiday genuinely exclusive and unforgettable. Can you imagine anything closer to the true meaning of the concept of Luxury & Nature?



Among the hotels on offer from RMH there is one with a sociable and friendly approach - RMH Modena Raffaello Hotel & Residence, conceived and created to make your stay in Modena more high-tech.

The rooms and furnishings of the RMH Modena Raffaello are designed to encourage socialising and having fun. The use of more modern technology, like online check-in and access to rooms with a mobile phone, allows us to abandon some of the usual procedures.
The rooms, furniture and spaces of the RMH Modena Raffaello have been designed to celebrate ItalianLife & Style, offering places where you can pass the time relaxing, doing sport or working. RMH Modena Raffaello is a hotel that is open to the local area, and it becomes a “town square” where you can breathe in the vibrant energy, meet people and enjoy your free time.



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