RMH stands for Rosaria Marazzi Hotels, but it tells the story of an entire family

Hotel Rosaria Marazzi

The visionary passion of a woman
gave life to a brand that is recognised all over the world

RMH are three letters that represent the visionary project of a woman, Rosaria Marazzi, who turned her passion for the hotel trade into a successful business.
The Marazzi family is internationally renowned for producing ceramics, an activity that began with her grandfather Filippo and continued for another two generations with her father Pietro and her brother Filippo. At the same time, Rosaria Marazzi wanted to develop one of her great passions, the hotel business, and she started a company that soon developed on an international level.

Rosaria Marazzi was famous for her many charitable initiatives, inspired by her mother, Maria Corti Marazzi. As her daughters Alessandra and Caterina grew up, she and her husband Gian Pietro Severi decided to diversify their business activities, and went on to play an important role in the world of hotels, both in Italy and Croatia. At the beginning of this successful enterprise, Rosaria Marazzi decided to work with UNA Hotels, a chain that was already well established in the sector, but only for the marketing side. After ten years of experience, the time was right to launch an independent brand.

Today, being a guest in one of the luxury hotels, resorts or apartments of the RMH chain means discovering the guiding spirit of Rosaria Marazzi - the comfort of home in every room and a cheerful welcome in every smile.


Prestigious hotels
In Italy and Croatia

The involvement of the RMH group in the world of hospitality began in September 2010 with the inauguration of their first hotel in Baggiovara, a few km from the centre of Modena, the RMH Modena Des Arts - Hotel & BusinessIt is a design hotel with restaurants, a gym and a wellness area, aimed at a business clientele, with seven meeting halls, which make it a great congress centre. However, it is also suitable for tourists interested in visiting the city of Modena and enjoying the art, motor vehicles and of course the excellent food of the region.

The RMH Lopud Lafodia Resort & Wellness, naugurated in the summer of 2011 in Croatia, is also part of the RMH portfolio. On the island of Lopud lies a 4 star hotel with over 156 rooms, as well as modern apartments, a historic villa, Villa Benessa, and 7 new luxury apartments built in 2019, all of which make up the RMH Lopud Luxury Residence.



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